Max & The Chocolate Factory

Astonishing flavours. Come awaken your senses!

Close your eyes and and revel in the warm, sweet and subtle or delicately powerful scent of Max Vauché’s chocolates. The chocolate-maker, who based in the town of Bracieux, in the heart of the Sologne region and right near Chambord, will take you straight to the cocoa plantations of Sao-Tomé. You’ll get to meet up with the planters and follow the path of the cacao beans step by step.

A truly mouth-watering experience!

The tasting offered at the end of the tour will add a delightfully yummy touch to your visit.

The cocoa beans, which hail from such faraway places as Venezuela and Madagascar, have retained the full richness of their flavours and are deliciously blended by the master chocolate-maker. The entire world of chocolate and its lands of origin will literally melt in your mouth. The tasting, linked to the history of chocolate, takes on a new meaning here and offers you a moment of pure, unparalleled pleasure… And there’s always the ‘Choco Bar’ if you simply want to stop for a quick and refreshing gourmet break between a visit to the Château de Chambord and the Château de Cheverny. A hot chocolate, chocolate lollipop or chocolaty snack? You’ve got all you need here to muster new energy and continue on your journey of discovery of the Cœur Val de Loire.