The Château de Cheverny

An Inspiration for the Famous Illustrator Hergé (Father of Tintin!) 

A wonderful private and splendidly-furnished château which has inspired many artists

The Château de Cheverny is considered to be the most splendidly-furnished of the Loire Valley châteaux. You’ll see tapestries from the Gobelin and Flemish workshops, Louis XIV and Louis XV dressers, a Louis XV regulator, the ‘chambre du roi’, and the thousands of other marvels that are sure to enchant you.

The château served as an inspiration to the celebrated illustrator Hergé, creator of ‘Tintin’, when he designed the Château de Moulinsart, Capitaine Haddock’s superb residence.

Visitors can also tour the grounds surrounding the Château de Cheverny: the park of course and its colourful gardens, the kennel and its pack of 100 hounds, or, near the château’s parking lot, the ‘Maison des vins de Cheverny et Cour-Cheverny’. There’s so much to do and see, reserve a full day for your visit – we guarantee you won’t be bored!