The Domaine National de Chambord

An exceptional royal château in the Loire Valley

Probably one of the most incredible châteaux of the Loire Valley by its sheer size, vast park and extraordinary history

By car, on foot, by bike or on horseback, travel down the Domaine de Chambord’s wide alleys and discover an exceptional park. The forest and the wild animals gradually give way to an incredible view of the rooftops of the Château de Chambord, and then to its imposing architecture: 282 chimneys, 440 rooms, 800 capitals and 15 staircases, including the famous double spiral staircase. And, on the outside, a 32 km-long wall and a 5,400-hectare park.

This hunting lodge built by King Francis 1 and probably inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci, reserves many surprises to the curious visitor, as well as some carefully-hidden secrets.

You can explore the Château de Chambord and its surroundings on your own of course, but the guided tours on offer will leave you with a lasting memory of your visit, as they’ll take you to places where you can’t go alone: to secret staircases in the attics or to the heart of domain’s forest to meet the stag, the indisputed king of the realm.