The Monmousseau Wine Cellars

A cellar for wine and troglodyte lovers!

The Momousseau wine cellars, a few minutes away from the Château de Chenonceau, are an absolute must for wine-loving visitors to the Loire Valley. You’ll start off your tour out in the open, with an exceptional view overlooking the Cher river and the renowned ‘Vallée des Rois/Valley of Kings’, which was also the area in France with the most cave dwellings!

You’ll then enter into a world of lights, a labyrinth whose walls are adorned with a myriad of astonishing artworks. And at the end of this exciting journey, you’ll be introduced to the secrets of the great sparkling wines. Come admire this unique site that brings together art and history and which lies in the depths one of largest truffeau stone caves in the Touraine region.