The royal ‘Son & Lumières’ of Blois

When the royal château of Blois lights up the way

Relive the life of France’s kings and queens with this historical ‘Son & Lumières’ show

The royal château of Blois changes faces at nightfall with this magnificent sound and lights show. The voices of the famous French actors Robert Hossein, Pierre Arditi and Fabrice Lucchini rise up along the château’s façade, recounting the memorable moments in the château’s life that left an indelible mark on the history of France.

Silence. Action! The illumination of the architecture of the main courtyard along with special sound effects plunge you into the heart of history, offering you a new way to discover the life of kings and queens of France during the Renaissance: through their loves, dramas and mysteries. Louis XII, Francis I, Catherine de Médicis and her son Henri III… so many famous names linked for eternity to this unique monument of French architecture!

A ‘Son et Lumières’ not to be missed at any price when you come visit the royal city of Blois or the Loire Valley.