The Subterranean City of Bourré

Welcome to a subterranean troglodyte city carved into solid rock!

Even though some remain private properties, there are many troglodyte sites in the Cœur Val de Loire, both in the Vendôme area and this one, located in the Cher Valley. In Bourré, you’ll be carried off to another world!

Carved right in the tuffeau stone, the soft white rock that has served to make splendid châteaux and cool cellars, the subterranean and troglodyte city of Bourré emerges, as if by magic, at the end of a series of underground passages. Don’t be afraid, your guide knows where he’s going and where he’s taking you!

Push open the gates of the city of Bourré and discover scenes from daily life: an old lady at her window, a horse in its stable, a dog nosing open a door. These sculptures are works of art that seem to come alive in the soft light of the place. And there’s not only one room, but also another floor and a seemingly bottomless well.