The Troglodyte Village of Trôo on the Banks of the Loir River

Don’t be afraid, you are just in a troglodyte village!

This little town with a long history is the indisputed capital of troglodytism in the Val de Loire region. The village is spread over three different levels: on the bottom, the city whose oldest buildings date from medieval times, on the mid-level the troglodyte dwellings and, on the plateau overlooking the valley, the upper city and its collegiate. The site of Trôo was inhabited from ancient times. The city, which is supposed to have derived its name from the pronunciation of the French word ‘trou’, or hole, by its English occupants, was dug into the cliff ages ago.

The village of Trôo is the capital of the new troglodytism; nowhere in France where you can find as many caves that have been restored and are still lived-in.